The emergence of late 20th C. century globalization has led many social scientists to investigate the international, supranational and «global» dimensions of humanitarian intervention, environmental markets mechanisms, consumer societies, or the diffusion of cultural goods, services and product methods. The growing role of the US economy, of its organizational modes, its commercial and marketing style, as well as its cultural models, have also figured prominently in the current phase of internationalization and globalization. Heated debates about the so-called «knowledge society» a «post-industrialism» have also constituted a leitmotiv of this historical phase. This Sinergia project engages with these debates by focusing on a number of topics such as: the regulation of market societies through social and private insurance, the regulation of international services, social assistance and the influence of philanthropy on international public health. In our view these interrelated dimensions constitute complementary empirical fields dealing with the regulation of social and ma risks inherent to our contemporary societies. Our research groups study these fields in a historical perspective rather than focusing only on recent developments, as most of the «globalization» scholarship tend to do. Our network intends to contribute to the history of globalization and international relations emphasizing and historicizing new patterns and agents of change beyond states and markets.