The research module Public-private regimes in transnational public health, 1919-1972 deals with a specific institutional sector of the modern welfare state, i.e. public health. The latter is not directly dealt with in others modules. We seek to highlight the importance of international policy transfers in public health by analyzing both public and private institutions. Empirically, we focus on the activities of the Rockefeller Foundation for national and international public health issues, politics and policies on the one hand, and on the role of the World Health Organization on the other. In relation to the latter, we endeavor to study both transnational patterns of public health concepts, and the influence of communications strategies related to the media sector.

Research projects

C1 Transnational public health experts and the Rockefeller Foundation, 1919-1950 (Thomas David, Davide Rodogno, Yi-Tang Lin)

C2   The World Health Organization and development, 1948-1972 (Thomas David, Davide Rodogno)

C3   The Making and Usages of Vital Statistics in the World Health Organisation. Anti-Communicable Diseases Programs in Eastern Asia (Yi-Tang Lin)